Vegan Chocolate-Cinnamon Babka: A Primer

It is a well-known fact that I love birthdays, without being one of those annoying Pinterest-y birthday people. I have several friends who refuse to do anything for their “special day,” but I always make it a point to do something nice. It must be the Pisces in me. This past Thursday was my dad’s … Continue reading

The Return Of Straight Edge Sara

Yes, I know– it has been quite a few months since I last posted on this here blog. I had to discontinue my derby practice because I aggravated my old knee injury while at the gym one day. It’s a major bummer, but hopefully things will heal up and start to feel normal again soon. … Continue reading

Magical Vegan Sugar Cookies

Last week, I had the pleasure of volunteering as a counselor and a band coach at Girls Rock! Rochester.  As part of the Girls Rock Camp Alliance, the Rochester faction is completely volunteer-operated and serves to empowering girls ages 8-16 through music. The week was full of workshops (ranging from healthy snacks to self-defense to … Continue reading

I’m A Winner!

DerbyCakes has been on a brief hiatus due to an aggravated knee injury and the countless hours that I spend in my production office, but I will be BACK this weekend with a lot of new posts and content! In the interim, the always lovely Uzi Q of Derby+Diapers+Blog recently nominated me for a Versatile … Continue reading

Backward Skating: 1, Sara: 0

Coke bottles are the fucking worst. The second hour of this morning’s practice (first hour is off-skates; second hour is on-skates) was a review of all of the on-skate skills and drills that we’ve learned since the first week.  Towards the end of practice, we were introduced to backward skating. Before I launch into self-pity, … Continue reading

Morning Complaint, and Dehydration.

I believe that my hatred of mornings has been pretty well-established on this here blog. Nothing could have planted this seed any deeper than my absolutely horrid night’s sleep last night; so horrid, in fact, that I can now 100% sympathize with parents of newborns. I am so tired that I sincerely entertained the idea … Continue reading